John Woo - The Killer Remake

[John Woo] was motivated by the Jean-Pierre Melville new wave gangster movies that Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon starred in... He also came up with an idea to make it fresh. In the original Killer, the great Chinese male actor Chow Yun-fat played the killer, but the killer in this movie is played by Nathalie Emmanuel. And by changing the dynamic to a woman, the storyline became quite different.

John Woo's Original The Killer
John Woo's The Killer starring Chow Yun-Fat
Nathalie Emmanuel
Nathalie Emmanuel

In direct collaboration with action maestro John Woo and Academy Award-winning editor Zach Staenberg, we meticulously planned and visualized high-octane action sequences for the highly anticipated remake of a seminal Hong Kong action classic.

With production underway in Paris and temporarily halted due to the SAG/WGA strike, our focus was on seamlessly integrating previs sequences with existing live-action footage. We leveraged Realdream’s proprietary visualization pipeline to generate real-time ultra-realistic visuals. This innovative approach not only facilitated the intercutting of previs and live-action scenes but also provided director John Woo with unparalleled creative freedom to narrate this epic story in his distinctive cinematic style.

The convergence of creative vision and cutting-edge technology allowed us to breathe a whole new life into this iconic Hong Kong action classic.

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