Spacelens | Branding Incubator
Realdream Spacelens App Launch

Serial entrepreneur and crypto investor Nathanael Eisenberg chooses Realdream to create an aggressive marketing campaign to launch Spacelens. A decentralized eCommerce app and its native $Spacelens token.

Realdream creates a series of short but powerful videos as well as handling social media presence and creating a strong community for the token.

Spacelens’ Telegram group grows to over 20K members in a few days, the token gets adopted by major crypto markets and its valuation grown to over $50 million fully diluted valuation in its first weeks.

Our start-up branding incubator program included:

  • Communicating the company values with on-brand overall visual design
  • Creating a visually intriguing white papers deck to communicate meaning and story
  • UX app design optimization to keep visual continuity across the brand
  • In-app 3D animations and VR content
  • App store screenshots to visually communicate the app’s functionalities
  • Creating impact visuals through high-end 3D animated videos
  • Founder’s interviews videos to establish face-to-face rapport
  • Creating an interactive Spacelens metaverse city to showcase the app’s features
  • Establishing trust and moderating social media channels (Discord, Telegram, Reddit…)
  • Social media marketing content

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