Roland Emmerich’s Epic Rome TV series
Roland Emmerich Director Those About to Die

Based on screenplays written by Robert Rodat, the series is described as a drama set in the complex and corrupt world of ancient Rome’s spectacle-driven gladiatorial competition. The series introduces an ensemble of characters from all corners of the Roman Empire who collide at the explosive intersection of sports, politics, and dynasties.

Realdream’s founder Fulvio Sestito collaborates one-on-one with legendary director Roland Emmerich to conceptualize major pivotal sequences for the highly anticipated epic Ancient Rome TV series. 

Our production team relocates to the iconic Cinecitta Studios, where we embark on the creation of massive scenes that serve as the blueprint for both creative and technical teams.

The versatility of our modular pipeline shines as we swiftly establish a real-time motion capture and virtual camera system. This dynamic setup allows for lightning-fast iterations, catering to the ambitious sequences featuring expansive crowds, captivating animal fights, epic battles, precise historical reconstructions, and intricate character animations.

The seamless fusion of creativity and technology allows us to bring the grandeur of Ancient Rome to life with unprecedented detail and precision.

Roland Emmerich Director Those About to Die

Set in ancient Rome, the production required colossal sets to be built. Our visualization team worked closely with production designers Johannes Muecke, Laura Pozzaglio and the large art department crew to meticulously plan every environments that would be built physically.

This meticulous planning extended to our collaboration with VFX Supervisor and Second Unit Director Peter Travers and the talented team at Dneg. Together, we crafted awe-inspiring action scenes to be seamlessly integrated into virtual production, often within the following week. Leveraging our fully in-engine workflow, we not only delivered stunning visuals but also created assets that could effortlessly be repurposed throughout the pipeline. This streamlined approach ensured that every department remained synchronized, facilitating smooth progress amidst the ambitious scope and fast-paced schedules of this epic project.

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