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We are a story driven visualization and development studio leveraging Unreal Engine and decades of end-to-end production expertise to bring visions to life. We focus on previsualization for film and TV, interactive narrative, and game cinematics.

Think of us as idea alchemists who manifest concepts into visual realities.

We have helped Hollywood’s top storytellers such as John Woo, Roland Emmerich, Tim Miller, Guillermo Del Toro, Will Byles, and many others, create iconic films, games, and visual experiences.

We are your creative partner building a visual blueprint that bridges all departments of a production.

Leveraging our combined physical production and VFX experience, we have perfected a unique workflow and nimble approach that allows us to iterate at incredible speeds, achieve unprecedented visual quality, and save costs down the production pipeline.


real-time performance capture & visualization

Roland Emmerich's Those About to Die - TV Series

real-time PERFORMANCE CAPTURE, visualization, and virtual production

code 3

film production & vfx

citadel deep fake trailer

ai VFX production - winner of 2 clio awards

will byles' THE QUARRY


Tim MIller's terminator: dark fate

film visualization - BLUR

League of Legends - Warriors

game trailer cinematics - BLUR

We believe in creating a custom-tailored nimble environment that allows ideas to flow without the constraints of a large production pipeline.

Fulvio Sestito | @forzafulvio

Fulvio Claudio Sestito Co-Founder




BRANDING visualization

american night

FEATURE film vfx

beyond the sky

feature FILM production & vfx


-film & TV previsualization
-pitch trailerS
-VIRTUAL art direction
-motion capure
-Wolrd building


Fulvio Claudio Sestito co-founder Realdream

Fulvio Sestito

Founder | Executive Creative Director

With a life-long quest bridging storytelling an technology, Fulvio is an award-winning storyteller and digital innovator pushing the boundaries of visual exploration…

With over 18+ years’ experience, Fulvio studied film at UCLA and collaborated with top creators such as Guillermo del Toro at Mirada Stusio to visualize high-end commercials for clients such as Mazda, Disney, and Under Armor. He has later teamed up with director Tim Miller (Deadpool) and Blur Studio to create stunning visuals for Deadpool 2, and Terminator 6, as well as cinematics for AAA game franchises such as Halo, League of Legends, Assassins Creed, and Elder Scrolls.

Fulvio has mastered end-to-end physical production practices and aesthetics creating live action shorts, commercials, and directing the feature film Beyond The Sky for Amazon. 

On the business side, Fulvio was instrumental in growing multiple startups from early inception to millions in revenue by creating hyper-focused, story-driven marketing campaigns. Fulvio loves to explore nature, mediate, practice yoga, and read about mythology, science, and psychology.

Paul Pizza Pianezza co-founder Realdream



“Pizza” is a digital producer who has headed major projects for studios such as Mirada and Digital Domain, leading both large and small teams of artists…

With an extensive career in Visual Effects and new media since 2009, Pizza has worked with Academy Award, BAFTA, Emmy, and Grammy award winning storytellers (Sam Raimi, Will Byles, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck) and studios like Mirada, Fuse FX, and Digital Domain. He brings an extensive roster of contacts and digital production knowhow to the team. He is also a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences, and VFX Society.

Jeremy Grau

jeremy grau

business development

With over 7 years in digital advertising and business development, Jeremy is our marketing and community strategist wizard. He creates traction, visibility, and a powerful community around our work.

isabella morillo

world building coordinator

Isabella leads our design and world building team. As a Peruvian artist from Lima she delivers powerful visual with her distinctive style that mixes modern bold lines, symbology, and a touch of psychedelic fun . Her colorful palette and urban-inspired work are mixed with her indigenous roots.

jordan nenna

digital art director

Jordan is our Jedi Master illustrator, digital art director and spiritual Yoda. His striking visual style blends classical training with pioneering digital sculpting and modeling  bringing unique insights and depth to any idea.


John Fragomeni Former Global President of Digital Domain

John Fragomeni

technology innovation Advisor

John Fragomeni is a creative leader and entertainment and media executive with over 30 years of experience. Most recently John was the global President of acclaimed visual effects and entertainment studio, Digital Domain.

A specialist in assembling and developing top notch talent and film operations, under John’s leadership Digital Domain received 4 Academy Award Nominations, 3 BAFTA Nominations, 2 Emmy Nominations, and many more accolades for the stunning visual effects in films like SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, FREE GUY and SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS.

Alex Golshan Realdream_advisor

Alex Goldshan

Business Strategy Advisor

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and technology investor focusing on digital strategies and business growth. He has led major fashion retailers, technology firms, and ecommerce platforms, to build globally relevant brands.

Barry Herbst

Business Innovation Advisor

Barry has a natural penchant for client relationship management, and business development with a passion for learning others’ life journeys and aspirations. Barry brings to Realdrem ample experience in deal negotiating, strategic development, unique marketing ideas for profitable growth.

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