Lead by Creative Director and Curator Fulvio Claudio Sestito,

Realdream NFT Collective unites a team of international artists creating digital art that transcends ordinary media. Blending tradition with cutting edge technology we strive for a revolutionary approach to epic visual storytelling.

Our mission is to transmute eternal wisdom of universal charity inspired by our cosmic mother into powerful visual poetry.

For our Genesis Drop we partnered with Transform Art Exhibit and SuperRare

to curate an NFT art project with a mission to uplift diverse artist voices bringing together indigenous and international artists to transform our shared futures together.


The event featured diverse Native American artist from Canada, Peru, Europe, the US and Nepal collaborating together to bring awareness to diversity and inclusion.


We are trying to realize the diverse lived experiences of our shared reality, and our individual art is a relic of our personal stories; collectively, a sacred documentation reflecting the zeitgeist of our era, our society’s transformation, to heal our shared time and space.

Evelisa Genova

The event was sponsored by Superrare with the support of the Consulate General of Canada to the United States, in Los Angeles, and RoseAnne Archibald who is the current National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN). It was welcomed by the art community as the first NFT drop with a mission to create lasting change.

A percentage of revenues from the sales of the event was donated to 4Rs Youth Movement a non-profit organization that is changing the relationship between Indigenous and Non – Indigenous Youth.