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An integrated film production and content creation studio that re-imagines the digital storytelling process by:

Bridging traditional storytelling with pioneering interactive cinema, web3 and the metaverse.

Designing a proprietary realtime digital visualization software platform for interactive narrative and virtual production.

Partnering with top Hollywood Creators.

Our advantage is our unique interconnection of experiences and our rosters of trusted partners and collaborators.

Fulvio Sestito | @forzafulvio

Fulvio Claudio Sestito Co-Founder

Storytelling + Interacting Narrative

Filmmaking is evolving. We want to shatter the divide between film, games, and new media. We tell meaningful stories with impact and a wide commercial appeal.

Introducing Alchimia

Built over years of experience creating content for top Hollywood studios, our proprietary software architecture “Alchimia” is highly scalable and allows us to create immersive visuals that can bridge across multiple mediums such as film, games and web3.

Realdream Alchimia Software Platform
Fulvio Claudio Sestito NFT Superrare

We create stunning visuals and Metaverse experiences with epic meaning

In partnership with Superrare, Realdream NFT Collective unites a team of international artists creating digital art that transcends ordinary media. Blending tradition with cutting edge technology we strive for a revolutionary approach to epic visual storytelling.

Fulvio Claudio Sestito NFT Superrare


Fulvio Claudio Sestito co-founder Realdream

Fulvio Sestito


With 18 years experience in the entertainment industry, Fulvio helped create AAA game franchises such as Halo, League of Legends, Assassins Creed, and Elder Scrolls. He has collaborated with top Hollywood creators on blockbusters like Deadpool, Terminator 6, Love Death & Robots. He directed the feature Beyond The Sky for Amazon, and was instrumental in growing startup ventures from early inception to millions in revenue. Fulvio loves to wander in nature, mediate, practice Kundalini, and read ancient texts, books on mythology, alchemy, history, science, and psychology.

Paul "Pizza" Pianezza


With an extensive career in Visual Effects and new media since 2009, Pizza is our awesome co-founder. He has worked with Academy Award, BAFTA, Emmy, and Grammy award winning storytellers at studios like Mirada, Fuse FX, and Digital Domain. He brings an extensive roster of contacts and digital production knowhow to the team. He is also a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences, and VFX Society.


Jeremy Grau

Jeremy Grau

community lead

Passionate believer of the NFT revolution and web 3.0. With over 7 years in digital advertising and eCommerce, building and rewarding this incredible community, and empowering everyone to take, or become, their NFTs throughout the metaverse. He’s excited to assist and coordinate the creation of content and promotional artwork for NFT project. When he's not eating, you can find him behind mixing table sharing music and good energy.

Evelisa Genova

biz dev | DI

Evelisa is passionate about inclusion, and believes relationships are the way to build a better world. Through partnerships to co-create compassionate and inclusive systems – whether at a community level, company, or curated art. She curates strategic partnerships for Realdream, and leads its special Inclusion collections through Transform. Evelisa herself is also a portrait and dream painter who conveys the spiritual and emotional layers of peoples inner landscapes.

Jordan Nenna

maestro | lead designer

Jordan is our Jedi Master illustrator and spiritual Yoda. He brings 7+ years of humanitarian relief work in Nepal and across Africa, which led him to dedicate 7 years of isolated meditation, seeking inspired solutions to the horrors of world hunger, wars, and pandemics. His striking visual style blends classical training with conveying his unique insights

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